Ambassador Organics


Ambassador Organics was founded in 2007 by Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun and offers a variety of coffee, tea, spices and oils that are certified Biodynamic, Organic and Fair Trade. They faced the unique challenge of not only promoting the new brand, but educating consumers about the benefits of Biodynamics – the world’s most sustainable form of agriculture.


Modus Marketing Group helped define a messaging strategy that provided the foundation for their social media campaign’s content. We then implemented and developed a presence on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. These initiatives provided a platform for Ambassador Organics to communicate their message and help educate their target audience.


Our social media efforts have helped Ambassador Organics increase online sales, develop an online community of supporters and generate awareness for both the brand and Biodynamics®.

What the Client Said:

“I was dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century by Modus Marketing Group, who were advocates for a social media program. With limited resources, they generated awareness for our company and built a community of loyal “friends in cyberspace”. I appreciate their persistence!”

Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun – Founder, Ambassador Organics