BioWorks, Inc.


BioWorks is the leader in providing sustainable, environmentally responsible solutions to the horticulture industry. After 15 years of growth, their sales and marketing materials strayed from their original cohesive identity. BioWorks called on Modus Marketing Group to refresh their look and unify their graphic identity and messaging.


Modus started by producing several unique graphic theme concepts that utilized distinct, recognizable graphic elements. Their corporate message (How you grow matters) was treated as a tagline and added to the logo block on all applications. Their secondary messages (Responsible. Economical. Proven.) were added to an easily identifiable footer. Overall, an updated identity was developed that differentiated BioWorks from their competition.


The new integrated graphic theme was introduced and implemented across all sales and marketing materials, including: print ads, brochures, tradeshow graphics, website and more. The updated look is easily identifiable and enables BioWorks to reinforce their desired positioning.